This series of pictures involve a  remediation project which took place at the rehabilitation of one of Eskom’s Power-Stations, where in excess of 2,000m3 of heavily contaminated soil was remediated back to fertile soil, over a period of three months.  

soilfix-microbe-soil remediation

Part of the 2000m3 of contaminated soil. Photo taken 18 June 2005. Lab. Certified contamination in excess of 200,000ppm.

More contamination

And more


Clean soil was mixed into the contaminated mess.


We prepared beds, approximately 0.5m deep by 3m wide.

SoilFix is placed into the bed to function as a barrier to the contaminant.

Affected area dug out…


Placed in trucks


and deposited in the beds.


Deposited contamination.


Spread out evenly

Mixed with 5kgs of Organic SoilFix powder per cubic meter.


One and half litres of Organic SoilFix liquid is also added per cube.

SoilFix Liquid

SoilFix Liquid being added


150grams of HydroGel per cube of contamination


Work in progress

Week 3 and process is well under way.


Less than three months later, laboratory results show readings of less than 900ppm, (from 200,000), and the site is classified as rehabilitated.

Fantastic results at a fraction of the cost of removal